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Wheeling a 2019 Porsche Macan S around Newfoundland

Written by Norris McDonald

You don’t mess with success, if you’re smart.

Porsche is smart.

I drove a 2019 Macan S around Newfoundland last week and the company considers it a really important model. Why? Because 3,960 new Macan models were delivered to customers out of a total of 8,904 Porsches sold across the country in 2018, making it the automaker’s best-selling model. In all, since it was introduced in Canada, 14,937 Macans have been sold. Worldwide, that number is north of 350,000.

As a result, they made some cosmetic changes to the crossover but pretty much left it alone. And the Macan and Macan S go for $55,500 and $63,000. Yes, you can buy a Porsche for less than $100,000. Who’d o’ thunk it!

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