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2020 Genesis G90 like a fine Niagara wine

Written by Norris McDonald

JORDAN STATION, Ont. – When I was a teenager, we lived in Niagara Falls and had two cherry trees in our back yard. In fact, most families in Niagara in the Fifties had fruit trees out the back or side door because that was what the Peninsula was all about back then: cherries, peaches, the odd apple.

Developers would buy orchards to build subdivisions and were careful not to cut down all the trees. If you had cherries, and your buddy’s family had peaches, the mothers would trade six-quart baskets-full so they could bake a variety of pies instead of just one kind. Those really were Ozzie and Harriet and Leave It to Beaver days.

I was thinking of that time a few weeks ago when I went to Niagara to learn about, and drive, the Genesis G90 luxury sedan. I didn’t see many fruit trees, if any, but I sure saw lots and lots of grapes. Wineries are everywhere in Niagara these days, and what started out as plonk now wins awards, particularly the ice wines, and it’s amazing how things have changed in the last half century.

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