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2021 Toyota Venza will drive like a sedan but be as versatile as an SUV

Written by Norris McDonald

Before our civilization became threatened by the COVID-19 coronavirus, automakers liked to do new vehicle launches up big.

They would take guys like me, sometimes as many as 20 men and women, and fly us out to Newfoundland (Porsche) or Yukon (Subaru) or Utah (Mercedes) or New Mexico (Infiniti) and they would pull back the curtain and then have company experts explain what was new and exciting about whatever.

Then we would drive the new product around for a day or so before flying home.

That was then and this is now. Now is when the unveiling is virtual and, if we’re lucky, we later get to examine a car that’s sitting quietly in a display space in a company showroom. What’s missing, of course, is the drive, which is the really important part.

But giving the product the once-over is better than nothing and that was the case in recent days when I was invited to Toyota Canada headquarters to take a closer look at the new for 2021 Toyota Venza two-row crossover SUV, which will be at dealerships in August.

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