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All-electric Porsche Taycan adds Apple Music package

Written by Norris McDonald

ATLANTA – Move over Sirius XM, here comes Apple Music.

Apple and Porsche announced Monday night that when the all-electric Porsche Taycan is unveiled in Niagara Falls, Ont., in September, a key entertainment asset will be the first fully integrated, ad-free, music streaming experience featuring a library of 50-million songs.

A touchscreen display in the Porsche Advanced Cockpit will allow Apple Music subscribers to access thousands of playlists as well as three-year complimentary in-car internet data.

But if you find a touchscreen distracting (and more-and-more people are), you don’t have to poke around. Drivers can use custom Porsche voice control to request songs, albums and even radio stations.

Clients will even be able to create their own custom “radio” station on Apple Music from songs found while listening to broadcast radio. As the two companies said, “discover on broadcast radio, listen on Apple Music.”

“Porsche and Apple Music fit perfectly,” said Detlev von Platen, member of the executive board for sales and marketing at Porsche AG. “Together, we bring innovative digital entertainment technologies in our high performance sports cars, starting with the fully electric Taycan.”

Oliver Schusserm vice-presicent of Apple Music and International Content, agreed. “Since Apple Music launched,” he said, “we’ve been working to bring our customers the best music experience possible in the car and Porsche has been on the cutting edge.”

Okay, there’s more.

For music lovers with a fine ear (as distinct from a tin ear), owners of the Taycan can partner a Burmester High-End Surround Sound System with Apple Digital Masters in order to enjoy studio-quality sound.

Sounds good. Remember, though, like the Sirius reference above, a good amount of this is free in the beginning but, sooner or later, there will be a fee.

The Porsche Taycan will be unveiled in September in Niagara Falls and on sale in showrooms by the end of the year. The all-wheel drive vehicle with more than 600 PS will have an 800-volt architecture, enabling short charging times. The lithium-ion battery, according to a release, will have a capacity of about 90 kWh.