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Lincoln’s new Aviator is ready to take off

Written by Norris McDonald

YOUNTVILLE, Calif. – As we sat on the runway at Toronto Pearson, the Delta Airlines pilot said this: “It could get a little bumpy on the flight down.”

Wrong. The flight turned out to be smooth as silk and I thought: “Maybe this plane has got the adaptive suspension system that I was introduced to in California, where I’d gone to drive the brand new 2020 Lincoln Aviator. That drive experience was smooth as a baby’s bottom too.”

Lincoln introduced the all-wheel-drive, three-row, luxury, mid-size Aviator SUV at last year’s New York International Auto Show and the gasoline version is in showrooms now. The plug-in Aviator Grand Touring model, which combines internal combustion with advanced electric hybrid technology, will go on sale in the fall.

Before I get around to talking about what this vehicle is like to drive – and you’ll love it, by the way – I want to focus a bit on the hybrid version because it is, well, different. Most hybrids are geared for people to save money on gas and who want to protect the environment. Lincoln just wants to increase horsepower. And they are proud of it.

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