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Subaru, DMT Group link customers, sales staff

Written by Impact Canada

The new Subaru Legacy was introduced at the recent New York Auto Show (photographed by Norris McDonald)

DMT’s revolutionary DIGITAL! Interview product to provide Subaru customers with a premium online experience

If you go online and call up the Subaru Canada website – – and show interest in a particular product, you can now chat directly with a sales consultant at a dealership near you.

Subaru Canada and the DMT Group, the market leader in digital lead management technology, announced the launch Monday of a digital platform allowing consumers who are doing their research and shopping online at to engage and chat directly with a sales consultant at more than 90 Subaru dealers across Canada in real-time.

“The ability to have potential customers chat directly with a sales consultant from a local dealer in real time is a game changer for our business,” said Don Durst, Senior Vice President, Operations, of Subaru Canada.

“It will undoubtedly change the automotive experience and our dealers are looking forward to the increase in leads and business as a result.”
DMT was the first in Canada to release this proprietary routing technology allowing customers to engage in relevant online conversations with knowledgeable sales representatives from their preferred dealership in their area.
“There is no other platform like this available to auto dealers,” said Glen Demetrioff, President and CEO of DMT Group. “While most digital chat providers simply collect lead information for later follow-up, DIGITAL! Interview connects customers to your sales team in real-time to instantly convert chats into an appointment.”

The benefits of the DIGITAL! Interview platform are not only customer facing, providing a personalized, seamless experience to researching a purchase, but also to the Subaru dealers across the country by providing increased lead volume and an ability to engage customers earlier in the sales funnel and convert them to showroom visits.

DIGITAL! Interview optimizes the chat experience, ensuring that consumers immediately receive helpful answers to all their questions. It connects customers to the dealership sales staff from any device on any platform in real-time without the nuisance of downloading an app or any software.

“Bringing value to our clients by maximizing their customer experience in the digital communication space is our vision and our passion at DMT Group” said Demetrioff, “and is what continues to drive our brand and our innovations forward.”