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Talking in Tokyo about electrification, Formula E and Nelson Mandela

Written by Norris McDonald

Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice-president of global design for the Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., seen above at the New York Auto Show, told me in conversation in Tokyo recently that the Japanese company has no intention of ever making nothing but electric cars. “We know that some people love them and some people don’t,” he said. “We manufacture and sell cars. Think about this: we sell 6 million cars every year and if they were all EVs, the world couldn’t sustain those numbers. The reality is, we’re making every type of car imaginable. In our company, we make 64 different cars. Right now, only one is a complete EV. In the mid-term, only eight will be full EVs.” I also talked to Nissan e.dams Formula E racer Sebastian Buemi (below) and Nissan senior vice-president, global marketing, customer experience and brand strategy Roel de Vries. For the full story, please click here.