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Tesla Model 3 has braking issues, Musk says while promising fix

Written by Norris McDonald

Reuters and both reported today – Tuesday – that Tesla CEO Elon Musk had acknowledged late Monday that there was a braking issue with the Model 3 sedan that had been earlier cited by Consumer Reports magazine and

Musk said the problem would be fixed within days and that “with further refinement, we can improve braking distance beyond initial specs. Tesla won’t stop until Model 3 has better braking than any remotely comparable car.”

Musk said that Consumer Reports had an early production car and that he would request them to test a newer model but the magazine said it had already purchased a second Model 3 to test against poor results found in the first car and the results revealing highly inconsistent braking distances were the same .

Consumer Reports said the poor braking was “far worse than any contemporary car we’ve tested.” It noted,  however, that it did not have any such problems in its testing of the Tesla Model X and Model S.

Consumer Reports said on Monday that it would not recommend the affordable Model 3, seen as key to Tesla’s profitability, as it braked slower than a full-sized pickup truck.

CR pointed out that Car & Driver magazine reported similar problems in its testing, and Edmunds has reported a litany of problems with its Model 3.

Edmunds also observed a potentially dangerous problem with Autopilot.

Autoblog’s John Beltz Snyder had his own issues with Autopilot in his review of the Model 3. Tesla ultimately issued a successful Autopilot software update.

Both CR and Edmunds purchase their test cars, like any consumer.

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