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The original off-road vehicle reimagined

Written by Norris McDonald

FRANKFURT, Germany – All my life, I’ve adored the singer Mario Lanza. After Enrico Caruso, he was the greatest tenor to ever live and that includes Luciano Pavarotti.

Although Lanza could break crystal by hitting high C when he sang the aria Vesti La Giubba from I Pagliacci (want to hear it? click here), he also performed more popular fare and the music from Sigmund Rosberg’s The Student Price is one of my favourites, particularly the song Summertime in Heidelberg. I got thinking about that the other day when I arrived to cover the unveiling of the 2020 Land Rover Defender at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which opened to the public on Thursday.

Because of that song, I always wanted to go to Heidelberg and here I am, only 90 kms away. But when you’re on the job, and on a tight schedule like my colleague Jim Kenzie and I are when we travel to car shows and unveilings, you can’t just pick up and go somewhere that’s not on the schedule.

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